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The President of the Cyprus Society of Cardiology, Dr. Elias Papadopoulos, awards the Certificate of Attendance to Theza Enterprises Ltd, received by the Managing Director of the company Mr. George Theodotou, for participating as an exhibitor at the 19th International Cardiology Seminar "Cardiology Today" that was held at "Hawaii Grand Hotel & Resort" in Limassol, on the 13th-14th of December 2003.

Theza Enterprises Ltd was established in May 1999 by George, Haris and Diamanto Theodotou for the purpose of breeding and rearing ostriches in Cyprus. Membership

Theza Enterprises Ltd.Theza Enterprises Ltd.Our interest in this project began as far back as the 80’s and after overcoming a few initial difficulties we are know in our fourth successful year. Not satisfied with this success we look towards greater achievements as the demand for the lean, healthy meat that the ostrich provides, has reached high levels both in Cyprus and worldwide.

Recognising the potential Theza Enterprises Ltd decided to enter the field of rearing and research into improving the quality of the product, by opening their central farm of 175000 sq. meters in the Pissouri and Plataniskia region of Lemesos.

Theza Enterprises Ltd.The continuing rise in demand for ostrich products, combined with other factors, has led to our decision to expand the business beyond Cyprus. As a first step in our expansion programme we have established the United Ostrich Farms Ltd in Bulgaria, having bought land of 180000 sq. meters where an ostrich farm will be operational by 2004.

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